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"Барон-де-Гролье" баварский шоколад
"Барон-де-Гролье" кофе латте
"Крем-де-Паризьен" амаретто
"Крем-де-Паризьен" бейлиз
"Cream de Noisone" chocolate cream candies
"Cream de Noisone" creme brulee candies
"Крем-де-Паризьен" куантро

"FinTour" confectionery factory was founded in 2003 and the company's first soufflé candy production line was launched the same year. Gradually, thanks to the professionalism of the technologists and the detailed analysis of consumer tastes and preferences, the enterprise attained perfection in the manufacture of this type of products. The factory has gained a strong foothold in a tight and competitive confectionery market, and at the moment "FinTour" is deservedly considered to be one of the biggest soufflé producers in the North-West of Russia.

One of the first brands manufactured by the factory — TM "Royal Bird" — became a true breakthrough of the year 2004. The consumers immediately appreciated the perfect taste of this delicate sweatmeat. The quality of the candies, which are made from natural ingredients, is closely monitored in the factory's own laboratory. State-of-the-art Italian and German equipment is used on the production lines. The enterprise's specialists are truly proud of yet another important characteristic of their products — they are resistant to temperature fluctuations, which is of great relevance during the summer. Moreover, the products by "FinTour" do not melt in one's hands, which is an ideal option for those who are in the habit of having a bite of sweetmeat on the go.